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  • Rebecca Szmidt

What's In my Bag - My Everyday Essentials

Hi and happy weekend! So recently I've noticed I have been asked a lot about what my essential everyday items include. Specifically, what is with me at almost all times. So I figured I would share with everyone here on my blog. Cheers!!!

What's Always in My Handbags AKA Essentials:

1. Kleenex - Allergies...yuck :( all year round.

2. Chap stick - Specifically the green Blistex. I am obsessed and it has to be this one only. LOL I am actually very serious here.

3. ID, debit and a credit card - I never carry cash anymore because my bag was stolen when traveling and I had a couple hundred dollars in it that I couldn't get back. Whereas, with my cards, if and when they are stolen my bank can then reimburse me.

4. Hairbrush - Specifically my Milk+Sass detangling travel hairbrush. I love these cute little brush/mirror combo so much! Besides looking adorable & coming in a variety of fun colors, it's also designed to painlessly detangle while not break your hair & the best part: result in less frizz! Oh and it works! YASSSS!!!! Totally recommend them.

5. Hair tie(s) - My favorites are called Sugar Twists from Milk + Sass. I love them because them are cute for one, but they also don't leave a huge dent in my or get stuck in it either. Totally recommend them.

5. Lipstick - I wear Katy Kat Matte by Covergirl in Catoure every day almost and love it!

6. Powder - I use Clinique Super Double Face powder in Matte Neutral.

7. Sunglasses (if not on me) & cleaning cloth - Duh, A Girl In Shades ;) As you likely know, I am a brand ambassador and totally addicted to Blenders Eyewear so always have a pair of two with me. (remember, get 20% off with my code RSZMIDT20)

8. Band-aid(s) - never know when you need one. Sometimes I get blisters from shoes or paper cut, etc. Just always good to have on hand I have found.

9. Tampon(s) - No explanation needed here.

10. Fingernail clippers/emery board combo - OMG I hate when one of my nails chip because then it gets caught on EVERYTHING!

11. Floss - So I have this one spot where something always get stuck and only floss can get it out. LOL The struggle I know. ;)

12. Charging cord for my mobile phone - Again, not explanation needed.

13. Hand lotion - right now I am still obsessed and loving my Hydro Boost Hand Gel Cream from Neutrogena. It is AMAZING! Check out my full review here if interested.

14. Tide On the Go Stain Remover pen - OMG life saver! I swear I spill coffee on myself like it's my job, lol.

15. Crystal Light On the Go packets - I love it! Helps me drink more water. My fave one is the Raspberry Lemonade.

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