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Vi Trainer App Review & Free Trial

Happy Monday! Hope you are having a great day. OMG I am so excited to share this post today because I have been lucky enough to try out the super cool AI companion for body and mind: Vi. I have to first say thank you to Vi for this amazing opportunity and then I must say this app is really neat. Keep reading to check out my full review. (Oh & click here to get a FREE 14 day trial subscription for Vi so you can try it out for yourself).

What is Vi?

As I mentioned above, Vi is an AI (Artificial Intelligence) companion for body and mind. What does that mean? Well, short and simple, it's a virtual personal trainer for your cardiovascular goals. (aka Cardio). Vi uses your personal data as well as learns your habits to tailor a fitness program for you and your goals, just like a human personal trainer.

How does it work?

Steps 1 & 2, sign up for a free trial or purchase a 12 month Vi membership and then download the Vi app from your mobile phone app store. Step 3, set up your Vi profile. When you set up your profile you will tell Vi exactly what level of fitness you are starting with and what your goal is. Don't worry you can always change this anytime too; because our goals and fitness level changes. Another cool feature, you can also sync Vi to your Apple Health Kit and/or Google Fit profiles which only enables Vi to learn you and your patterns more. Once your profile is set up and you are ready to get your cardio on (step one: open the app), you just click Start and get moving to your personalized workout created for you by Vi. FYI, you can also join virtual races too.

Oh and did I mention you can talk to Vi?!?! Yes, really. OMG so cool. Vi will start motivating you and you can tell her what you want. Now, you can't hold a conversation with her, but you can tell her the programmed commands like: Stats, How am I doing?, Check my Stats, Pace, How much more?, etc. You can also easily check what these commands are from the app.

Also, you can control the "chattiness level" of Vi too! LOL. So awesome. Meaning, if Vi it to "motivating" you can easily change the setting so she talks less often. :) For example, for me when I am working out, I prefer music so I have my chattiness level set on Short and Sweet - Least Talkative. Speaking of music, Vi also selects and plays music for you during your workouts. If you are like me and picky about your music, Vi can also integrate with Spotify Premium or local music libraries. Of course you can also turn the music off if you prefer as well.

Vi Sense & Vi React Headphones

So I can't discuss Vi without talking about the great headphones. They have 2 options available and they are both so nice! First option are the Vi Sense. These headphones are comfy, sweat and weather resistant, have an 8+ hour battery life and the sound is amazing! You can also take calls with them too! :) You will get a free pair of these premium heart rate sensing headphones when you sign up for a 12 month subscription which is awesome or you can also purchase them separately too. However, I recommend subscribing and getting them with the subscription because it's a much better deal.

The other option of great headphones are the Vi React. These have all of the same features as the Vi sense headphones except the heart rate sensing capability. Bonus, these are also less expensive and very comfortable as well.

Final Thoughts & Is it Worth a Try?

Since I have discussed all of the awesome pros of Vi so far in this review I also have to be honest and mention the "cons" since everything has pros and cons. The only con I can find with Vi is that currently only tracks walking/running cardiovascular activity. Now if you are training for a race (walking or running) it's perfect for this and not a con. But if you are like me and like to incorporate other forms of cardio like the elliptical and Zumba classes etc. it does not track or create these types of workouts for you yet. However, a pro is that you can select for a great variety of runs.

Okay well to wrap up my review, I definitely think Vi is worth trying and totally recommend this cool app. I have really enjoyed using it over the last few weeks and I have to say it has helped hold me accountable and motivate me when I start slacking. Plus, it is more convenient and affordable than an actual human personal trainer in my experience. Again, thank you again to Vi and don't forget to try this cool app out for yourself with this free 14 day trial.

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