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  • Rebecca Szmidt

Vanity Organization Inspiration/Suggestions

Hi everyone! Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas/Holiday. Mine was so great, but now it's back to the grind today and getting prepped for the new year. So, with this in mind, I decided that today's post would focus on suggestions for organizing ones vanity/drawers.

I don't know about you, but this task and goal seems to ALWAYS be on my list, and yet I ALWAYS avoid it. Therefore, this time I am going to finally take it head on and just do it! I found this handy article called 28 Pretty Ways to Organize Your Vanity Before the New Year the other day and decided to use it for inspiration. Take a look at the article here if you would like; has some great ideas.

While I love all of the 28 ways suggested, I also have to honest with myself and determine what type of organization will ACTUALLY work for me while being pretty. For example, the 1st suggestion of using a pretty Catchall Tray. Love it; however, my tray would NEVER ever look pretty because I would just have things thrown all over it and be a major mess. May work for some, but I know me and that would never work for me. Same thing unfortunately goes for me with another one of the suggestions, trinket boxes and beauty baskets. Mine would just be a complete disaster and junk box or basket.

So after thinking long and hard about what type of organizer might really functionally and aesthetically work for me, I decided on the draw organizers and the Lucite organizers (both which are on the list). My reasoning for selecting these, is that this way each thing kinda has it allotted section/space. Plus, being clear with limited/allotted sections, that will encourage me to try to keep that space clean. (less space=less junk put in there by me)

Now that the hard part has been done, next is/was to find these organizers for a good price. So, of course I did some research aka: I Googled. What I found was a super helpful article from Allure Magazine called The 11 Best Makeup Organizers on Amazon. After a review of the article and the items, I just then shopped around and read reviews on Amazon as well as other sites to make sure I get the best price for the item. I always recommend shopping around and reading reviews before buying anything.

After much debate, I have decided on the following:

As for the drawer organizers, I haven't ordered any yet, but plan to this week. I need to do a recount of items and measurement of my drawers. I will keep you posted. :) Also I welcome suggestions and feedback if you have some.

Oh and check out the pictures below of my current vanity/drawers/dis-organization currently...awful! LOL You can see why I totally need this ASAP. BTW that is just one drawer. I spared you the other two. :)


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