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Tis the Season for Travel Hacks and Tips

Happy Thursday all! We have almost survived another week - Go US! Since the holidays are upon us and most will be traveling, I thought I would share this helpful information I found online as well as provide some travel tips of my own. I found these helpful hacks and list of ideas from two different Popsugar articles below:

The articles focus on traveling by plane, however I think most are good from most if any travel modes. Anyways, I am not a travel expert by any means, but I have traveled a pretty good amount and each time I always find myself learning something new, like a lessons learned, or find myself missing something I meant to bring or should have done.

Therefore, take a peek below at what I find to be a must or totally recommend packing in your carry-on or handbag or just keep with you when traveling.

  • Pack Important Medicines in your Carry-on or Handbag – This I am sure is a total no brainer for most, however, I have made the mistake of packing my prescriptions in my checked bag, and then my bag got lost or I needed to take them while on the plane or in the airport from a delay, etc. I have even experienced this on road trips where I put them in my main luggage which of course was in the trunk and then had to make an extra stop or couldn’t get them when needed. My husband loves taking road trips with me by the way, LOL.

  • A Wallet/compartment with all essentials like your ID, Credit/Debit Card, Some Cash, tickets (if needed) – Again, likely seems a no brainer, however, again I have made the awesome mistake of not being able to locate my ID or misplaced my plane ticket in one bag but thought it was in my pocket, etc. I have even put my wallet with my cards and ID in my checked bag?!?! Total rookie mistake; remember to keep everything together and easily accessible for you. It will make your experience so much better and less frustrating. Plus, it will help prevent an argument with your travel companion, haha.

  • A toiletry bag – This is a big must for me. I always travel with this because my flights and trip usually never go as planned. I think it is something about me because my flights ALWAYS get delayed or cancelled even and then I am stuck in the airport for who knows how long. You could always have my luck too and the airport could lose your bag or run over your bag when transferring from one plane to another or to the carousel and break everything inside – Yep happened to me! It was a brand new suit case too! Seriously, bent it in half! Crazy! Good times. Trust me, this is an important one. I will never travel again without my makeup, toothbrush, toothpaste, lotion, tampons, Band-Aids etc. in my handbag or carry-on again!

  • Travel Snacks – Duh! Don’t know about you, but I always have a granola bar or some sort of snack on me at all times. I do not like to be hungry and nobody wants to see me in this state. I also can get low blood sugar sometimes so there’s that too. Lastly, I have found that a ton of airlines don’t provide meals anymore; even on the long flights. Perfect example, when I went from Atlanta, GA to Honolulu HI they never provided an in-flight meal!?!? I was so surprised because we flew over night too. They gave us peanuts and cookies and you could purchase some stuff, but sorry I didn’t want to buy a wrap for $20. My point is take some snacks so you do not spend a ton on money on them and so you do not become hangry.

  • Empty Water Bottle – This is just brilliant! Just fill it up post-TSA and pre-boarding. I really don’t like to by bottles and bottles of water when traveling because they get pretty pricey. I also bring my own crystal light packets with me because it helps me drink more water daily.

  • Extra Layers, i.e. a jacket, sweater – Again, for me no brainer because I am always cold and therefore always carry an extra fleece or layer with me wherever I go. Also, I have actually used my jacket as a pillow before too as the article suggests. Just saying…

  • Wet Wipes/Hand Sanitizer & Kleenex – I don’t about you, but I tend to always need a tissue with me because of my allergies or when I am cold, which is all the time, my nose will run. Lucky me, LOL. Therefore, I always bring Kleenex with me because it is pricey on the road or in the airports. Plus, if the travel restrooms actually have any tissue, it is usually not very good and hard. Bonus, you can always use it as a napkin too. Hand Sanitizer/Wet wipes, do I need to go into detail here? :)

  • Entertainment/Tech/Phone – Whether is it a book, crossword, tablet, app on a phone, whatever, make sure you have something to entertain you. This in my mind includes headphones as listed on the Popsugar list. Its super annoying when you have your iPod but forgot your headphones, been there! Plus, I don’t want to spend more money on the airline headphones; sometimes they only take cash too, which I usually forget. See above as an item to bring. As for Internet dependent electronics/tech, make sure you have downloaded everything you need prior to your flight or travels when you have access to reliable Wi-Fi/Internet. For example, e-books and apps; I made the mistake of checking a book out from my library onto my online account, but totally forgot to download the e-book to my tablet before I left for the trip. When I got to the airport and was waiting to board, I learned that even though I was connected to the Free Wi-Fi at the airport, it would not work for me. Therefore, I couldn’t download my e-book and let me tell you, that was the LONGEST flight ever! Another recommendation, bring a backup book or something to entertain you just in case. Sometimes things don’t work or the battery dies, etc.

  • Extra charger(s) – I bet we have all learned this the hard way. Always have an extra charger for your tech and phone. Even better would be to travel with a portable charging device; again though make sure that is charged too.

  • Valuables – This goes back to my experience with airlines losing and damaging my checked luggage when traveling. My recommendation is if it is super valuable to you, carry it with you. Don’t take the risk. This could even go for road trips. Sometimes things shift in cars or accidents can occur or your travel companion re-packs your trunk and damages your valuable(s), etc.

  • Pack in Hardshell roller carry-on & checked luggage with 360-degree spinner wheels– This is my personal suggestion since my bag was run over. Lol. I recommend using this for all carry-on valuables/breakables anything important. Because even though you take a carry-on with you, if flying, you may be required to check your carry-on at the gate and then who knows what could happen. Also, as I mention before, things shift and move around when in the air or in a car trunk. Better to be safe. The wheels rotation is just an added, super-efficient bonus. Having the wheels with 360-degree rotation helps maneuver more efficiently through airports and is just easier comfort wise. Check out his brief article from Overstock about tips for buying spinner luggage for reference. It is super helpful and short.

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