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Scout Bags Review With Discount Code

Raise your hand if you're in search of a great All-Purpose tote bag? You know, one that's actually functional and life-proof, but also fashionable? Because, I have to be honest, if it's not cute, I'm not carrying it; just saying. #sorrynotsorry Seriously though, I have a ton of tote style bags (all shapes, sizes, colors, fabrics, etc), but I still feel like none of them work whenever I actually am needing a bag; you know what I mean? They are either to small or too clunky, or not weather proof so I am scared to get them dirty or damaged easily, etc. Well, I am super excited to share that my search is now over thanks to Scout Bags! For real, thank you Scout!

So what are Scout Bags? Scout Bags are designed with you and your everyday needs in mind; so where function meets fashion. I am sorry, but fashion is a big need of mine. They offer a variety of styles that include: tote bags, makeup bags, wine bags, pool bags and insulated lunch boxes which are all water resistant, easy to clean, and easy to carry. When I say easy to carry, I specifically mean they don't hurt you and won’t weigh you down if you, or in my case, when you over pack because most of the bags weigh less than one pound. I have to say I can vouch for this because I put this to the test when I went on my girls weekend to Clemson the other week. :)

The Scout bag I have and that is in all of my pics, is their best-selling everyday Original Deano Style tote and the pattern is called East of Tweeden. Isn't that so cute?! Not going to lie, the name definitely influenced my selection here. :) I have to say too that I definitely can see why this style bag is the best selling style. It is awesome! Here's why:

  • Great Size - not too large or too small.

  • Water-resistant/weather proof - meaning when I throw it places I don't have to freak out if something is splashed on it or if it's raining, etc.

  • Easy to Clean - Just hose or wipe clean, with or without soap; air or towel dry. YAY! I hate dry cleaning and washing my bags. They are never the same after I wash them and dry cleaning can be expensive.

  • Light-weight & pain free - As I mentioned above, most weigh less than 1 pound and the straps don't dig into you when carrying them if you over pack like I do.

  • Easy to Store - It folds right up and is super thin to can easily tuck away.

  • Fashionable and functional - As I mentioned, if it isn't cute I am not carrying it. They really do have a ton of super cute patterns and the names are adorable too which makes it better. :)

  • Affordable - the price range for all styles is so great!

  • It really is mostly All -purpose - I have used this bag everywhere! To pack in for a long weekend, grocery and holiday shop, carry Abbey, etc. I am also planning to gift this awesome bag to some ladies this Christmas because I know they will LOVE it and use it all the time.

Speaking of Christmas/holidays, Scout also just introduced their new 2018 Holiday Collection and OMG its fantastic! I mean they have metallic's and velvet!!! YAY!!! Totally recommend checking out here. I decided to also select some of my faves for you and listed them below.

Favorite Patterns right now:

  • 24K Magic (Obsessed with this new pattern!!!)

  • Starry Eyed

  • Deep End

  • You Craysea

  • Red Red Pine

  • Of course, East of Tweeden :)

Favorite Styles right now:

  • ALL of them! I honestly can't pick! LOL

Oh, did I mention you can also get 15% off all orders $50+ right now when you use the promo code: SEASONSSCOUTINGS at check out? Happy Shopping & Cheers!!!

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