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Real Talk: Can You Relate? I Can & Here's Why

Updated: Nov 18, 2019

Hi loves! So I read an interesting article yesterday. I found it on Yahoo and the title immediately grabbed my attention; the article is called Fashion Influencer Garance Doré Walked Away From It All At The Height Of Her Success, But Why? and it's from Elle. As I read this article, I thought to myself, "Wow, I totally feel her and can completely relate." So then I immediately decided I really just feel like sharing this amazing article because I am sure others can also relate. So that's what I decided to do. I definitely recommend taking 2 minutes to read and in this post you can see why I decided to share.

My Story & Why this Spoke to Me

So first and foremost, I am not and have never been or ever considered myself a "Fashion Influencer" or any kind of actual "Influencer", LOL. I love fashion, blog about it sometimes, post outfit pics on Instagram, and have/do work with some wonderful brands, but that's all. However, this topic does interest me because at one point, pre-Instagram hacking, I thought "OMG how glamorous and wonderful it would be or must be to be a Fashion Influencer. To get paid for your passion, your style preferences and for being you? So cool." Can anyone else relate?

I say "pre- Instagram hacking" because when my Instagram was hacked and stolen from me, it's this event that made me realize how extremely unhappy I actually was with my chosen side hustle of trying to be "Instagram Micro Influencer." What started out as fun, overtime snowballed into work, losing "me" and eventually not fun anymore. I seriously thought about quitting my Instagram/Blog daily because I was so burnt out with it all. (Background: I already work full-time & this became another stressful full-time job on top of that)

Don't get me wrong, there are lots of rewarding perks like: making amazing new friends, working with wonderful brands, getting paid sometimes and/or gifted items to test, review and share my thoughts on great products, and more. However, like everything in life, all things have their pros and cons; and for me, I now realize the cons were outweighing and do still outweigh the pros. Some of the cons for me specifically were: the amount of time spent on trying to create content (I was always thinking and stressed about my next post), the comparison game (why does his/her content look so much better than mine? etc.), extreme pressure I would put on myself to try to produce unique/likable/high quality content EVERYDAY, engagements stats (need more likes, comments, followers, activity, etc), beating the stupid Insta algorithm and constant Insta technical issues, dragging my husband down with me (he is the photographer & creative mastermind), etc. I could go on but will spare you. ;) The biggest con though is how fickle it all can be and when you think long-term just not enough security for me; know what I mean?

My Point Here

Anyways, my point here is while I have never been or ever plan to be at the level this amazing women is/was, I can definitely relate to her story even if on a micro level; so I figured I would share because sharing is caring and I think others can definitely relate. Plus, the grass is not always greener and it's so important to remember: social media is NOT reality usually; we never know what someone is going through. Anxiety is so real and you have to do what's best for you and your mental health. It's ok to walk away or decide, hey this is what I ACTUALLY want and need to be happy. Everyone is different and has different needs :)

Where I am Now

With all of this said, you may be thinking that I quit Instagram/blogging and working with brands completely. Well, at first that's what I planned on doing. I honestly had and still have a bad taste in my mouth from this incident; but, as "they" say, Time heals all Wounds. While I have dipped my toe, maybe foot back in now, LOL; I definitely didn't jump right back. It took well over a month for me to create a new Instagram and start posting again. I will say though, this time is and will be different; I am solely focusing on having FUN again with my Instagram and Blog. No more pressure or stressing about it anymore. If I want to post, I'm going to post. If I don't wanna post, I won't. Plus, if I want to promote and work with a great brand, I will continue to if they are interested. :) I love trying out new things and sharing great as well as not so great finds with others.

I'm a big believer in everything happens for a reason and what's meant to be will be. And while I initially felt lost, violated, and heart broken over the loss of my Instagram account that was hacked; I have to say, in the end, I know it was a blessing in disguise. One day I will go into more detail about this incident, but for now I will just say I have learned a lot from the experience and am grateful for the lesson. It has helped me take a better look at myself, learn what I ACTUALLY need and want, re-prioritize things in my life, and made me stronger.

To wrap up on my personal experience, one thing I've learned about myself from my Instagram break was that I truly do LOVE sharing my life and things I love with others. I also LOVE meeting new people and learning about their lives and experiences. So I decided to get back on for ME and have fun this time. TBH though, what I missed most about Instagram was the animal pics and videos :) They are so cute!

Okay well let me know if you can relate and what you think or just say Hi. :) Cheers!!!

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