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Nude Nail Polish For Your Skin Tone

Happy Wednesday all! Today I just wanted post about the BEST nude nail polish I found: FINALLY!!! I don’t know about anyone else, but I love the way tan or nude colored nails look. I feel like they look so chic and fabulous. Tied in with this, as you saw in my post yesterday, one of my new goals it to try to actually be more polished, pun intended here, and put together/organized. Well planning ahead and self-care were some of the tips from this post that were recommended to help meet this goal.

Therefore, I figured I never actually take time to paint my nails or get a mani/pedi so when I got this AMAZING new Essie nail polish this week, I decided to take some time for me and treat myself to a mani while relaxing on the couch with my new Allure magazine and heated blanket. Best decision ever & might I add that totally recommend this! Remember, it is so very important to take time for yourself!!!

This is me below last night ;)

Anyways, I back to the nails, I have seriously have been in search of a nice nude/tan color that would look good on me and my fair/light skin. Unfortunately, I had not made this discovery until this week!?!? I saw this article on The Zoe Report called Nude Nail Polishes that Work with Your Skin Tone.

It was meant to be I tell you. Truly :) So if you are like me and like Nude nail polish, but have no clue what color to use on your skin tone, I totally recommend this brief article for you. The color that they recommended for fair/light skin peeps like me is called Sand Tropez by Essie and is only $4 at Target; more expensive at Essie online. I love it! I haven’t tried the others, but I am sure they are great.

Check out the article here if interested. Happy Polishing!


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