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Looking for Some Style Inspiration? Check Out these Daily Style Hacks used by Fashion Girls

Happy Friday everyone! Wow it has been a week for me at least. Today I just wanted to share a quick post I saw online via Popsugar called 66 Styling Hacks that Fashion Girls Use Daily. I don’t know about you, but I am always looking for fashion inspiration and tips from the experts.

Again as you have seen me write, I love fashion trends and trying new things, but I do want to make sure I don’t feel or look ridiculous in them; most importantly though, I want to look and feel like myself. With this being said, I felt like this was a great read with really helpful styling insight that isn’t too High Fashion I guess? I am not going to lie though, I likely will never be on board with number 12, 44, or 53; they just are not me and that’s okay. Each there own. :) That’s what is so fun and great about fashion and personal style! #BeYou

Honestly, I went through to try to pick my favorite for you from the list, and I love and plan to incorporate them all! Seriously! LOL

Check them out here.


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