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  • Rebecca Szmidt

Jeter Mountain Farm: Hidden Gem for your Next Event

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Happy October! So as you may or may not know I have been married for 5 years this month!?! What you likely don’t know if that when we were planning our wedding, we were actually wanting a small, intimate destination wedding and then having a reception aka larger party somewhere later. Well, when we began discussing our wedding, we realized that we would just go ahead and have the standard wedding with reception to follow because in all honesty, our guest list was way too large for small, haha. Anyways, we still wanted to destination though and were torn between the Asheville, NC area, Savannah, GA and Charleston, SC regions. (Image above is from Jeter Mountain Farms Facebook page)

So destination wedding, no biggie, right, couples do this all the time? Well, in addition to wanting a destination wedding, we also, like most, had a budget that we wanted to attempt to stick to; however, both of us also have expensive taste. Is anyone else like this? Well if you have ever planned a large event or a wedding you likely know that things can get expensive real fast. To make things ever more difficult, I initially wanted to have an inside wedding (I didn’t want to stress about weather) with SUPER specific décor and ambiance, but I also wanted to the outside area to look nice too. Can I just tell you, this was almost IMPOSSIBLE! Everywhere I looked that I loved on the inside, was way over budget and/or required you to use their vendors, which I wanted to use my own vendors I had already selected, as well as not that nice on the outside. It started to actually make me depressed.

Lastly and equally as important, there was the issue of trying to select a location that wasn’t too expensive and is/was pretty with fun things to do so that our friends and family would actually WANT to travel there; not just feel obligated to go for our wedding. You know what I mean? If we were going to ask people to take the time and spend their money to attend our wedding, we wanted them to be able to at least have the option to enjoy themselves by making it a mini-vacay or vacation. This was very important to us.

So where I’m going with this, is that while I love where we got married, Harborside East in Mount Pleasant, SC, and loved my wedding, I would have loved to have found Jeter Mountain Farm (JMF) when I was searching for my wedding venue. It’s such a hidden gem and I had to share with you why.

What is Jeter Mountain Farm (JMF)? Well, it is a Wedding/Event venue as well as Apple Farm.

Where is Jeter Mountain Farm (JMF)? It is located in Hendersonville, NC; only 50 minutes from beautiful Asheville, NC.

Why Jeter Mountain Farm (JMF)? There are many reasons why, but here are a few:

  • First, OMG, the views are just amazing! Seriously, check out these breathtaking views!

(Images are from Jeter Mountain Farms website)

  • Not only is JMF surrounded by stunning views, but the venue itself is also so rustic and beautiful! It’s also large, but not too large; know what I mean? It still feels intimate. I am seriously obsessed with the lights and the beams. LOVE!!!

(Images are from Jeter Mountain Farms website)

To wrap this post up, if you are looking for a beautiful, affordable, great tourist destination to host your wedding or event, I highly recommend checking out Jeter Mountain Farms. I have never been there myself, but after learning of this gorgeous place, my hubby and I are now planning a mini vacay to check it out as well as Hendersonville. Plus, we may hit the Biltmore Estate in Asheville too since it is so close and we have always wanted to visit.


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