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How to Stay Warm While Stylish This Winter

Happy New Year everyone! Hope you had a wonderful and safe holiday; I had a fabulous one and was not ready to return to reality today.

Not to mention if is FREEZING out, even here in Charleston! I seriously had the hardest time this morning determining what the heck to wear to be warm outside, not sweat inside, and not look or feel like a marsh mellow woman. I don't know about you, but I think it is so difficult to dress for winter weather at times; therefore, I thought I would share some helpful tips I have found that personally help me as well as great style tips I will definitely be using from some helpful fashion articles too.

Some tricks I use:

  • Use tights as a bottom layer: I have found that layering can be a struggle sometimes because a lot of my clothes are not large enough for layering.

So what I have found to work for me is to wear a pair of my winter tights underneath my jeans and/or dress pants. For me it fits better, I can move more easily because they are not bulky and they stretch, stay warm and they are not as hot as thermals when I am inside. Bonus, it's almost like wearing Spanx too. ;) Here is a pic of me this morning on the right wearing my tights, dress pants, tank, long sleeve under shirt and over-sized sweater. I also have warm socks under my boots.

  • Use Hand Warmers and Feet Warmers: I know this seems like a no brainier, however, you can actually get creative with placement of these to help keep you warm. For example, put them in your bra and/or waist band of your pants or tights. I have totally done this and it helps a lot. :)

  • Tall Boots: Another no brainier I know. But seriously, this one will help with warmth as well as style. Plus, feet warmers and warm socks for added warmth. Lastly, still move and not feel like a marsh mellow.

  • Size up in your winter coat, but not too far up: This is a tricky and hard one for me, but totally necessary when it is super cold and I need to layer. I prefer my clothes to fit and not look to big, but I am also always cold. Therefore, what I have learned is to have a winter coat for layering and another one for non-layering. Or just have one for layering if it gets really cold often where you live. I live in SC so it's not that often for me. Seriously though, I am always happier when I have layers on (like a tank, thermals, sweater) and my warm cozy coat always fits on top nicely. Seriously helps all around. Plus, when my heavy winter coat is a little larger, I can also fit my fleece jacket underneath too for an extra layer.

Those are just a few things I find to help me out. Check out these great articles below for for some fashionable and warm winter outfit inspiration.

Expert Winter Style Suggestions/Inspiration

How to Look Fashionable While Staying Warm

The Fashion Girl's Guide to Making True Winter Wear Look Chic

Oh and can I just say, I am OBSESSED with the colorful and patterned fuzzy/faux fur coats!!! Love them so much! Plus, now is a great time to grab them because a lot are on sale. Here are some below:

Again, happy New Year and stay warm out there!


(Pic on the left is me this morning with my winter coat over all my other layers; plus get my Blenders Eyewear sunnies here if interested. Use code RSZMIDT for 20% off all orders)

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