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  • Rebecca Szmidt

High Maintenance Label: Right or Wrong?

Happy Monday all! Hope everyone had a great weekend. Mine was good and of course, way too short. Anyways, I have been in kind of a funk or blah mood today and therefore really wasn’t thinking about writing a post today; but, then I read another spot on, perfectly put article on my beloved site: The Zoe Report. After reading it I was inspired to share this with others and discuss some of my thoughts.

The article is called Why Calling Someone High Maintenance is So Wrong written by Abbey Stern from The Zoe Report. I am not going to lie, when I first read the title of the article I almost didn’t click the link to read it because I am honestly over the politics of labels and I often refer to myself as high maintenance. But, I decided, hey why not take a quick look? So I did and I am really glad I did because once I read the authors views on being called High Maintenance, I must say I felt differently than I did before and I agreed with her. Not mad or bad or whatever, but just like, huh? interesting. She makes some very valid and good points in her argument or maybe she and I just like the same things, ha ha. :) Whatever it is, I think she is on to something and I agree with her points.

Read the article here.

FYI: I think I am referred to almost weekly, if not sometimes daily as “high maintenance” by both men and women and I use to laugh and agree, but after reading this great article, it does kind of make you wonder why it’s been okay or accepted in society to call people this when we are just individuals who know what we like or what we want and don’t like or want? Just a difference or interests/opinion; makes you think I think? Or it made me think, LOL :)

Anyways, check it out if interested. As I said, I am glad I did and recommend it. Great, brief read. Also, feel free to message or comment here with your thoughts on the article; I would love to hear back from others.


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