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Hats On: 30 Clever Hat-Inspired Outfits You Need to know About

Hi guys and happy Wednesday! Today I thought I would briefly chat about hats. Yep hats. LOL. While not for everyone, which I totally get, I freaking love hats! I think my favorite hat types/styles are newsboy caps, fedoras, floppy hats and baseball caps. (just a few I know ;) Anyways, as much as I love hats, I tend to run into the issue sometimes of not knowing the best way to style them. I always look in magazines, on Pinterest and on Instagram for inspiration, but then feel like it never quite looks as good on me, I know that's a whole another post, ha ha. Can anyone else relate to this?

So I found this helpful article today and thought I would share it. The article is called: 30 Outfits You've Never Thought to Pair With a Hat — But Should and it’s from Popsugar. I totally recommend taking a look if you feel like I do when it comes to trying to style your hats. It is a super easy, quick read. It provides great Instagram pictures (and the fashionistas account – Click follow asap!?!) for real-world, street style examples as well as simple language for how to style the look in the picture (aka tips for that type of hat).

The article also provides links to the different types of hats so the reader can buy it online if they chose. For me, I love this, but for my wallet, sometimes I feel like they can select some pricey items that I don’t want to pay the price tag on, if you know what I mean? Therefore, I went ahead and provided two fashion forward as well as budget-friendly stores websites I love to shop as well as picked out some more fun options for you to select from if interested. Check them out below.

Two Stores I love & Some of my Hat Picks

ASOS – All sorts of styles and great prices. See some of my picks below.

Forever 21 also have great options as well. Check out some of my picks below.


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