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  • Rebecca Szmidt

Good Read: 5 Things to Do on Instagram Instead of Comparing Yourself With Others

Hope everyone is having a wonderful Wednesday! I wasn’t sure if I was going to post today; but, then I received an email notification from one of my favorite sites The Zoe Report and one of the brief articles just hit home for me. Therefore, I decided to share the article on my blog since my post yesterday was about self-acceptance, taking time for you and how life/things are not actually "PERFECT" whatever Perfect means; however, a girl can still dream, right? LOL

Anyways, the article is called 5 Things to Do On Instagram Instead of Comparing Yourself With Others and is written by Lauren Black from The Zoe Report.

  • If you know me or do not know me that well, I freaking LOVE Instagram. I seriously can sit for hours and look at pictures of animals, travel/places, fashion etc. Ask my husband ;) (Yep, I think I might need a new hobby too, ha ha.)

So as soon as I saw Instagram in the title, I was clicking the link to read the article. The other piece that grabbed my attention was about comparing yourself to others on Instagram which I am 110% guilty of doing! I mean most of us, I think, tend to compare ourselves to others; it is natural tendency, for me at least.

  • I will also admit that, while I am mostly and usually super happy and like: “Go Girl or Guy or Person Good for them/you”, I also TOTALLY experience some envy and slight depression about myself after spending time on Instagram. As I mentioned in my post yesterday, I am forever a work in progress and am always trying to find useful tips for navigating LIFE.

  • PLUS: Pictures can totally be misleading and deceiving as most of us know. I mean for real though; so much work goes into pictures these days!?!?! The staging, the number of pictures I have to take before I am like: I guess this will work lol. Very stressful, but always pretty fun too ;)

Example is the image below from my Instagram: I don't even know how many pictures I had to take just to get this selfie, which isn't even a great picture or one of my favorites. I just gave up, lol. Plus, my dog isn't wearing actual sunglasses; it's a sticker image. :)

With this all being said, I recommend taking a look at this quick and helpful read if interested. Click here to access the article. BUT Never forget and always remember: it’s totally okay to be you, quirks/flaws whatever ;) #selfacceptance #loveyourself

  • I must say, I do love giving/receiving complements and have made some new friends by following and complementing them; pretty cool. Oh and be careful with the 3rd one LOL- it’s addictive for me, but I LOVE IT too. :) Plus the last one, I think is spot on; especially because I have had my BFFs text me to like their pics and I do the same to them ;)


Top Image: From Wix.

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