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Giveaway With JORD Watches

I am so excited to share with you that I have been super fortunate to team up again with JORD Watches for another awesome Giveaway! Who’s JORD? JORD is an amazing company who offer beautifully hand-crafted men’s and ladies wooden watches that are not only unique, but are high quality as well as affordable. What are we giving away? Well, we are giving away another $100 JORD Gift Card to 1 lucky winner! Plus, each participant will received a 10% off code to use on any JORD watch. Awesome right?

In addition to this great giveaway, JORD also gifted me with a watch of my choosing. While I really want to get myself another gorgeous watch, I decided to be nice and select one for my husband, Brandon instead. I mean, I do love him and all, LOL. Anyways, I gifted him with the Meridian Nightfall men’s watch and he loves it! Seriously, check out this watch, it’s stunning! It really worked out perfect too because I gave it to him for his birthday on 9.6. :) If you recall from last time, I have the JORD Cora Koa and Rose Gold watch (and am #obsessed with it). Check out our watches in these images below.

How to Enter Our Giveaway

So how do you enter? Click the Here or on the Enter Giveaway hyperlink below and complete the JORD Giveaway web form. It takes less than 1 minute, promise! The longest/toughest part, for me at least, is trying to select your favorite watch because you will love so many. Make sure you enter no later than October 7, 2018. Once the Giveaway ends, you will receive the JORD 10% off code in your email provided on the form if you did not win the $100 gift card.


Why JORD Watches Again

First and foremost again, I want you to know that my thoughts and opinions about JORD wooden watches are my own. If I didn’t recommend or like them, I would absolutely never promote them or collaborate with them. So now that this important info is out there, let's move on. I know I mentioned this in my last post back in February, but I have some new readers/friends who may have missed them then. In addition, my reasons are the same still so wanted to repost them. I Love JORD Wooden Watches because:

1. They are super cool and so unique.

2. They offer so many style options for both men’s watches and ladies watches.

3. They go with so many outfits and are super simple while stylish. Plus, so timeless! I really think these wooden watches will never go out of style. (Check out the images below to see how Brandon and I styled ours.)

4. Most are self-winding automatic; so no battery – which is AWESOME!!! All the batteries in my other watches have died and because I always forget to and I am lazy; I haven’t replaced them…also another reason I haven’t worn them.

5. They are budget friendly – so important, because I live on a budget. Plus, they have payment plan options.

6. They offer engraving too! You can engrave the watch itself or even the wooden watch box if you prefer. I love engraving. It just adds that special/personal touch? You know?

7. They offer a really cool and unique Apple Watch Band!?! Seriously cool.

8. They are light-weight and comfortable as I mentioned earlier.

9. They offer fast and Ship FREE worldwide (Huge, I absolutely hate paying for shipping).

10. They have a 1 year warranty and very generous return policy (which is super important to me as you have seen me say before)

11. They have a wonderful website! For real! Their website is super user-friendly and I love how they explain and cover every detail of how their beautiful watches are created. Love!

12. They have customer service online chat; which is the best! I really don’t like having to call and email customer service because I either hold forever or wait for a generic reply then have to wait again for an actual human to assist me.

13. They provide you with simple, detailed instructions as well as provide you the items you need to take care of your beautiful watch.

Don’t forget to enter the Giveaway by October 7th and as always, feel free to message/comment with any questions and/or feedback. Oh and keep an eye out on My Looks posts as well as daily my Instagram posts because you will definitely see both Brandon’s and my amazing wooden watches a lot!


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