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GIVEAWAY & cariPro Review

Hi loves! OMG I am so excited to finally be active again on my blog. So very sorry for the absence; but life, work and Instagram has kept me super busy these last few months. Anyways, I am really thrilled about this post because I have partnered with Smile Brilliant again to offer another AWESOME GIVEWAY & provide my honest review of their CariPro Ultrasonic electronic toothbrush. Spoiler Alert: I LOVE THIS TOOTHBRUSH!


First things first, make sure you enter our giveaway for the chance to win your very on cariPRO! Make sure to include your Name and Email so if selected as the winner, Smile Brilliant can contact you.*International winners are responsible for partial shipping.

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Alright, so now that the best part is taken care of, keep reading for my full review.


Okay, so little bit of background for you, this is not the first electronic toothbrush I have used. However, it honestly is the coolest as well as my favorite one I have used to date.

Here’s why:

Coolest because:

  • It’s a Multitasker: It has 5 brush modes: one for Cleaning, Whitening, Massaging, Gum Care and Sensitive (for peeps like me who have teeth sensitives)

  • It’s Smart: It has an auto-interval smart timer for even & timed brushing through each of the 5 modes (WHAT?!)

  • It’s Pretty too: You know it is? Love the colors and the design is very sleek.

Favorite because:

  • It’s a Multitasker & It’s Smart I love the 5 brush modes! Especially the gum care and sensitive modes. My teeth are super sensitive and my poor gums…where do I begin. So I am a grinder and I also brush way too hard, which is not a good combo for gums and teeth. One top of this, I also don’t floss like I should, but I really do care about my gums; I just really dislike doing it because my teeth are super sensitive. So I have really loved the gum care setting as well as the auto interval smart timer because I feel like my gums are actually healthier now and not abused by me over brushing them as I used to do with other toothbrushes.

  • Love the Brush Design Okay not sure about you, but for me I prefer what I consider “normal” toothbrush head as opposed to the round one. Anyone else? I don’t know why I just prefer it & it has a tongue scraper on the back which I like too. Plus, with other electronic toothbrushes I feel they have like 2 modes, super-fast and fast; which is still too fast for me because I feel like I get toothpaste and saliva EVERYWHERE!? You know what I mean? Anyway, with the cariPro I don’t have this problem. It has the perfect speeds and I don’t get things all over my bathroom mirror or face, haha.

  • It’s so Affordable So my husband and I waited a while before we actually purchased our first electronic toothbrushes because they are really expensive. Well, the cariPRO is seriously super affordable and you can even purchase the replacement heads as needed and they are affordable too. Click here to check out their packages and pricing information.

  • It’s Pretty too: Again, love the colors and the design is very sleek.

Lastly and importantly, as I have stated in my previous reviews and giveaways, I want you to know that my thoughts and opinions about Smile Brilliant are my own. If I didn’t recommend or like them, I would absolutely never promote them or collaborate with them. I have actually turned down some collaboration offers with other brands and companies because I felt we weren’t a good match; mainly because I also either would not wear or use the product or I would not pay the cost for the item. Plan and simple: if I want do it, I would never expect or tell someone else to.

Okay well cheers and don’t forget to enter the Giveaway. :)

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