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  • Rebecca Szmidt

Give the Gift of Laughter with these 27 Hilarious Gifts

Hey everyone and TGIF! Since Christmas is Monday and if you are like me and still have a few gifts to get I thought I would share this funny list I found online today. It's super perfect for a fun and not serious at all gift. We all know someone who would appreciate that type gift right? I honestly want almost everything on the list. Hint hint hubby ;)

Check it out here.

Oh and just for fun, find my needs/wants from this list below:

  • Item Number 2: perfect for me because I am that person who loses it when I am hungry LOL

  • Item Number 3: Again perfect for me because even my mother calls me fluffy (i love stuffys and animals)

  • Item Number 4: No explanation needed here. Just spot on.

  • Item Number 5: This is my favorite food and I seriously try to eat this everyday!!! Just ask my husband.

  • Item Number 10: I think the majority of us likely could use this one. :)

  • Item Number 12: This is actually perfect for some other people I know...they will remain unnamed, ha ha.

  • Item Number 14: Every woman i know needs this, well most women I know. I totally need it!!!

  • Item Number 19: This is just adorable!!!

  • Item Number 21: Again, no explanation needed here. Perfect for me.

  • Item Number 26: Seriously, who wouldn't love this? LOL

  • Item Number 27: Just hilarious!!!

Happy gifting!


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