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Gift Guide for her: All $25 & Under

Tis the Season for holiday fun meaning: friends, family, lots of yummy food, gift giving, travel, etc. However, this also means some additional stress too, at least I get stressed. Anyways, this year has been super busy and stressful lately with life and work; anyone else feel this way? Well, with this said, my main focus this time of year and as I look ahead to another new year is some self-care. I think because by the end of the year, I am not doing the best job of this. Therefore, with this in mind, I thought I would take a minute to share a few of my favorite self care/beauty staples in addition to some actual items I love, but am less likely to buy for myself. So an actual gift?! ;) Plus, everything is $25 or less on this list because as I have mentioned many times before, I live on a budget. So if you are in search of some useful and nice gifts and/or stocking stuffers, check out my list. Cheers & happy shopping!

Self care/beauty staples all $25 & Under

  • evian® Facial Spray - Holiday Mini - OMG I love this facial spray! It is so awesome! I use in the morning to better blend/smooth out my foundation on my BeautyBlender sponge and through out the day as I feel my skin is dry and/or my makeup needs to be refreshed. Plus the best part about this one I tagged is the size. It can easily fit in my handbag/clutch and I can travel through airport security with it b/c it's TSA approved. Also, it does't leak either when in my bags which is AMAZING. Yay! :) PLUS, they are having a great Holiday sale right now on the travel sizes (by individual or a set of 3) AND you can get 20% off your purchase with promo code: GIFTGUIDE18 at check out.

  • Target Beauty Box™ - Holiday - Dry Shampoo Set - Not sure about you, but I LOVE dry shampoo! I seriously use it 2-3x a week. Well, this set is so good I already bought this for myself LOL. Only $8.99 too. :) (Image is from Target website).

Fun Gifts (AKA things I want but will not buy for myself) all 25$ & Under

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