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Found: Perfect Travel Bags

What's up?! Just wanted to take a few minutes to share my new FAVORITE travel bags because not only are they functional, but OMG they are so cute! So what are these bags? They are Scout Bags classic Weekender bag and their new Tourista wet/dry bag. Oh, and if you decide to grab one for yourself, please make sure to use code: SPRINGFLING at check out to receive a free SCOUT accessory with your purchase.

Now, on with my post. :) You may remember or may not, but I teamed up with Scout Bags back in December to help introduce their Holiday 2018 collection and I fell in love with my East of Tweeden Original Deano tote. Which for the record, I am still obsessed with this bag. I seriously take it everywhere! Anyways, I have been lucky enough to team up with them again now for the launch of their new Spring/Summer 2019 collection. Oh and not only do they have new fun patterns, they also have amazing new styles. Like the cross-body, in the clear-pouch, sunglasses cases (Know what my next purchase is) and even a garment tote! Check them out now.

Okay so first I must tell you that I am now OBSESSED with my Weekender bag. My pattern is called the David Checkham, LOL. It really is the perfect bag to travel with; seriously. Honestly, it arrived as I was about to head out to the airport for Arizona over MLK weekend, and I immediately packed it up and walked out the door because I was so excited about it being so great. Thanks again to my awesome neighbor and friend Amar for taking me to the airport and for taking this photo on the right. :)

Here's why I love and totally recommend this bag. It's:

  • So affordable, only $59.50.

  • Super light weight, even though I added a ton of stuff to it like my makeup bag and carry-on liquids, a pair of jeans, and more. Also, it didn't hurt my shoulder or dig into my shoulder as other bags tend to do when I carry them for a long time.

  • Has pockets on the inside which is perfect for storing items I needed to easily access,

  • A great size, not too big or too small,

  • Zips closed, so nothing falls out,

  • Sides are soft so that it can be smushed under seats and in an overhead bin, which I prefer to put under my seat so I can access my things easily and quickly so this was major for me,

  • Material is coated cotton fabric and is water resistant and wipes clean (YAY!!! because I am messy and so is traveling),

  • It comes in a variety of super cute patterns! Check out their patterns here.

Okay, now I must tell you why I love and totally recommend the new Tourista wet/dry bag. My pattern is the Victoria Checkham, had to keep them together, duh? Anyways, It's:

  • Also so affordable, only 33.00.

  • A great size (holds products, dirty clothes, wet swimsuits, etc)

  • Mildew resistant (YASSSSS!!!)

  • Zips closed, again so nothing leaks out or falls out,

  • Material is also coated cotton fabric and is water resistant and wipes clean,

  • And of course, it also comes in a variety of super fun patterns. Check them out here.

Okay well, that's all I got today. Cheers!!!

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