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Found: Budget Friendly Red Boots

Hi again and happy Tuesday! Just wanted to share a quick post with you about my search for red booties that has Finally ended! I love them and have been searching for an inexpensive and comfy pair forever it feels like! You are likely thinking, Rebecca, red boots are EVERYWHERE right now and aren’t that hard to find? Well, for me they were super hard to find. Mainly because I am selective aka picky; I wanted a specific type, heel height, quality, color, and price. No biggie at all right?! ;)

So what exactly was I in search of you ask? I wanted the pointed toe, sock bootie style with a kitten heel that is actually comfortable. The red I wanted was true bright red and not deep or orange red. Also, faux leather was totally fine by me, but I didn’t want it to look to fake if you know what I mean? So, price-wise I honestly am not sure how much I would wear them, so I didn’t want to spend over $50-70 and preferred less if possible. As you have heard me say in previous posts, I love fashion trends, but I also live on a budget so my items need to be budget friendly especially when it’s trendy pieces I may not wear all the time. Unfortunately, I am a realist these days too and have to be honest with myself; if it isn’t comfy I am not going to wear it. Hence the lower heel and desire/need for good quality items. Plus, as much as I try to take good care of my shoes, they tend to become worn out after a season or two; even the high-quality boots I have owned. It would then cost as much to fix them sometimes as it would to replace. Oh well...sigh... :) (image is a screenshot of the boot from boohoo's webpage)

Anyways, as I said I have been in search of these since August 2016 I believe and I am so happy to share that I found them and totally recommend them!!! They are called Jessica Low Kitten Heel Pointed Sock Boots and I got them online from boohoo for only $32!?! Yes $32! And bonus, they also come in Black, which I am likely going to be ordering too. They do not come in half sizes and I usually am always an 8.5 in boots, so I ordered a 9 and they fit perfectly and they are made well I think, especially for the price.

Here is a picture of me wearing my red boots this morning. Yay! On to my next mission... :)


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