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Don't Lose Your Sparkle: How to Care for Your Embellished Items

Hi all! Since most of my recent posts have been all about the sparkle and shine this season, which is a MAJOR trend this year and isn't going anywhere, I thought I would share a quick post about how to care for this fabulous items so they last longer.

As everyone now knows, I love anything and everything glittery, feathery, and sparkly! Another thing to know about me is that I am a huge advocate of taking great care of my things because I love them and I work hard for them, plus with fashion trends tend to usually come and go and come back again. ;)

Well since I have accumulated quite a few embellished items over the years, I am always looking for recommendations or best practices to keep them shining. Because honestly no matter how hard I try to keep these items clean and nice, I am pretty clumsy and stuff just happens; it's called life. Anyways, I found these super helpful and brief tips online at Fashionista and Bustle for how to care for glitter/embellished Items and another helpful one for cleaning/maintaining sequins, feather and fur items.

Check them out below if interested:

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