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Dark Circles? Gotcha Covered!

Happy Monday loves! Not sure about you, but this month or year for me has been kicking my bum. Work has been so busy and so I am sorry I haven't been as active in my blogging. With this said though, I can't wait to share this AMAZING new skincare product I've been lucky enough to try out over the last two months: the VIIcode O2M Oxygen Eye Mask for Dark Circles. Who's VIIcode? VIIcode Skin Care is a skincare company that specifically focuses on the skin around the eyes.

The reason I am so excited about this is because I have always had dark circles and I swear it runs in my family because my mother and sister have this annoying issue too. Plus, I also get really puffy under my eyes in addition to the darkness when I am lacking sleep; which, has been a lot lately. Anyone else deal with this? Well, this eye mask makes such a difference I promise! I even let my sister try them and she loved it too. She actually already stocked up on them in preparation for her upcoming trip to Italy in April. (FYI, I am sooooo jealous!)

Why I Love them & Recommend them:

1. They actually work. I feel they definitely reduced my dark circles, redness and puffiness under my eyes. The images below were taken before and then in the morning after I took them off. No filters or touch ups.

2. They're affordable. For $58 you get 6 treatments per pack and you can purchase bundles to save as well. (PLUS use coupon code VIIcode2019 for $5 off site-wide now through March 31st). You can also get them on Amazon. ;) It's great, because you don't use them all the time, but just as needed. For example, I knew I wouldn't be getting much sleep as well as off my regular routine when I had to travel for work so I wore them each night and they made such a big difference.

3. They're so easy to use (you seriously just stick them on and chill or sleep) The images below are from when I was traveling last week for work and about to go to sleep for only a few hours and the other was taken while I was hanging out one Saturday night working on the blog.

4. They're super convenient & easy to travel with, which is the same thing I guess, LOL. (You can wear them up to 8 hours and even sleep in them! This is what I do and they actually stay in place!!! So awesome!)

Well that's all I have for now. Please feel free reach out with any questions at all.


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