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Charleston, SC: Night Out Recommendations

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This picture is from Downtown Charleston taken during our engagement photo shoot.
Image from Red Shutter Studio.

Need help with planning your next night(s) out in Charleston, SC? Well I have you covered with some of my favorites. As most of you know or may not know, I live in Charleston and honestly, I do not plan to ever leave. I love it here! It truly is one of the best cities to visit and live (I think).

Whether you live here or are just visiting for a long weekend, I must say, this city never disappoints or gets old. As a local, I still enjoy acting like a tourist and never get tired of exploring this great city. One of my favorite things to do in Charleston is bounce around downtown because downtown is an absolute must here. There are so many amazing, one of a kind restaurants, bars and shops in addition to the historic landmarks. With this said, I have decided to share with you my idea of a perfect/fun night spent here in Charleston for visitors as well as locals because honestly, this post would be extremely long if I discussed more than a night out here. ;)

The first thing I always think about when planning a day/night on the town with friends, is transportation, specifically for safety, convenience, budget, and of course fun photo opportunities. Safety in that I am not drinking and driving as well as the safety of my feet and shoes. Meaning: I am not waking on these beautiful, but dangerous cobblestone streets in my awesome heels.

  • Seriously, I have face-planted, broken heels, and almost twisted ankles trying to walk downtown. Then there is the issue of parking. It’s hard to find and when you do find it, it’s pricey. Plus, you still usually end up walking a lot because it’s usually not close to your destination. Ugh.

Therefore, my recommendation for transportation is Low Country Valet & Shuttle Company. Why LC+VS? They have awesome reviews, are budget friendly and have a ton service options to meet anyone’s transportation needs. PLUS, talk about fun photo opportunities; they have a super cool selection or vintage cars, buses and limousines to select from as well!

Image from Low Country Valet & Shuttle Company

Not going to lie, my group would likely select the limo. Check out these images below and tell me you wouldn’t pick the limo for a night out too? ;)

Images from Low Country Valet & Shuttle Company

Now you may be thinking, why not Uber, Lyft, or taxi? Well, while those are also very good options, they can get super expensive if you use all or multiple times a day/night as well as have a larger group. Additionally, what if you are not staying downtown? Maybe you are like me and live in West Ashley (about 20 minutes from downtown) or are staying in Mount Pleasant or Folly beach? The cost definitely goes up then.

Now that transportation is taken care of, let’s move on to evening activities. I must start by stating the obvious, which is as a fashion/style lover and blogger, I love to the take any opportunity I can to dress up. Well, downtown Charleston is the perfect place to do this. There are so many wonderful restaurants and bars. With this said, Charleston caters to all age groups and interests in my opinion; so please just keep in mind that I am a girl in her 30’s who prefers/enjoys a venue with great food, cocktails and a fun setting where I can relax as well as sometimes dance if I want. Therefore, each location on my list meets most of these criteria in my personal opinion. ;)

Start the evening off with watching the sunset while sipping yummy cocktails and dining on yummy food from one of the amazing root top spots:

  • Élevé at the Grand Bohemian: Talk about photo ops! This is such a fun place! Seriously looks like something from Alice in Wonderland. Honestly, the entire hotel is a Photo Opportunity, lol. They also have delicious, fun drinks along with yummy food.

  • Pavilion Bar at Market Pavilion: Love this roof top bar! I have been going here since I was 21. So you know only like a 5 years ;). I recommend grabbing at least one cocktail here. Super pretty views and fun vibe. Plus, you have to get a picture in front of the pool.

  • The Rooftop and/or The Drawing Room at the Vendue Hotel: This spectacular hotel is known as the Art Hotel. It doesn’t let you know. The food, views, photo ops, are wonderful here.

Keep your night going with a stop by these super cool spots:

  • The Cocktail Club – Swanky and fun ambiance. It’s as if you stepped back in time; and of course, photo ops. Oh and did I mention you should check out the roof top bar here as well? ;)

  • Star’s Rooftop and Grill RoomIf you haven’t already noticed, I love a good rooftop. Well, Stars never fails either. Super cool vibe with great food, cocktails, and views. Yes please.

To finish or end your night off I suggest cruising in your limo over to:

  • Prohibition: I have to say, I haven’t eaten here yet, but I have tried the cocktails and danced my night way at Prohibition. Super fun time and totally recommend checking this great place out too.

  • Proof: Definitely a great spot to finish off your night. Cool, chill mood and great drinks.

What an awesome night out, right? Lastly, follow me &/or check out my Instagram to see my pictures from these spots on my next night out in downtown Charleston. I have a feeling it will be soon too…I feel a girls night in my near future. ;)


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