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Budget friendly makeup shopping tips & Sephora Deals I'm Hitting This week

Hi all and happy Shopping Week! This post is includes some issues I have struggled with and tips or solutions I have learned to use to help overcome them. Plus, I have picked out some awesome black Friday deals I recommend taking advantage of while you can at Sephora.

Image: Screenshot of Sephora Website

So not sure about anyone else, but I LOVE trying new makeup trends and products. However, my problems are:

  1. I am not very good or confident, I should say, at applying makeup. Seriously, everyday is a new learning experience for me.

  2. The other issue for me is that quality, nice makeup can really add up fast and I live on a budget. Don't get me wrong, there are a ton of great reasonably priced items out there, but for me I like to try trendy products and brands I read about online and in my style watch magazines, etc. (slightly high maintenance here, ha ha.)

My Recommended Solutions for these problems:

  1. Stop Caring about what others think! As I have gotten older, I realized that I don't care what others think as much anymore and it has been wonderful!

  2. Discover Makeup Reviews & Tutorials Online from Real Users! With that being stated, I also found the awesome world of makeup reviews and tutorials that have really helped me out and boosted my confidence in new makeup ventures.

  3. Receive a FREE mini makeover or product testing at your local Sephora or Ulta. Yep, I said FREE and you can make a reservation or just walk-in. If you have never dropped in to do this I highly recommend doing so. The staff are so helpful and just awesome because you can ask the experts all of your questions, receive color matching for your skin tone and skin types, try different products before buying, it's free and just FUN! Plus, you can also use their cool and handy online tools to assist you as well.

  4. Take a FREE Makeup Class at your local Sephora or chat with an online Beauty expert at Ulta. Yes please! I mean why not?! You can even enroll online.

  5. If you don't like it, Return it: Even Gently Used Items!?! Yes, this is a huge one for me! I mean, how do you know if you like something until you try it out, right? A lot of people don't read the return policy and therefore, are not familiar with Sephora and Ulta's super awesome return and exchange policies. (Remember though, they do have a time limit for returns, so keep that in mind). These two stores just understand and get it. :)

Okay so now that we are all familiar with tips for overcoming some issues & options available to us, let's check out some of the goods. :)

I only really listed my picks from Sephora because I am a VIB member and they carry all of my brands so mostly shop there. I do LOVE Ulta though too and will shop there some. Check out Ulta's Black Friday Deals here.

Sephora Deals To Check Out:

Depending on your price range they have some seriously great deals happening. For me, I stuck to the $50 and lower price range. I also kept the list short because it could be never ending, ha ha.

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