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Budget-Friendly Hack For Thicker & Fuller Hair

Happy Saturday! Hope everyone is having a great weekend so far; mine is off to a great start thank goodness. :) Anyways, today I am taking a much needed break and me day today so I decided to share a new product I have heard about and will be trying asap. What is this product you ask? Well, according to The Zoe Report, it's the awesome, budget friendly, secret to getting fuller and thicker hair: Nanogen's Hair Thickening Fibers. Plus, it comes in ten different colors/shades and is so simple to use!

So good and budget friendly, reviews have found it to be better that your regular blowout!?! Seriously, that's what they are saying. I don't know you, but I am obsessed with getting a blowout! I have a lot of think hair, but no matter what I try or do, my hair never has the volume like a professional blowout gives it; plus there are some spots that need a little help. The main problem with blowouts is the overall cost can and does start to add up quickly. So after researching this brand called Nanogen, I am definitely giving this a try. It ranges from $20-$41 on different sites and you can get it on Amazon with Prime too. :)

If you have tried it please let me know what you think of this product and I will definitely be providing my thoughts on it as well. :) Remember, Sharing is Caring. ;)


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