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BeautyBy App Review

Just wanted to share a quick review about the up and coming BeautyBy app I was super fortunate to check out from Statusphere. Spoiler alert: I LOVE IT!!! Seriously, so great and super easy. Not sure about you, but I am a product junkie and am always looking for great skincare products that are not only safe and work, but also affordable while convenient. Well, let me tell you the BeautyBy app has nailed this!

So, what is BeautyBy app?BeautyBy curates top global beauty brands for you to purchase while viewing authentic video reviews from other users.

How does it work

It is so easy! But, I first must tell you the app is currently only available for Apple users. This is a bummer I know, because I am a dedicated Android user; however, my husband has an Ipad and an Iphone therefore, I was able to use this to participate and it was super simple. They will be adding Android in the future though so YAY. :)

Follow These Easy Steps below:

  1. First, you download the BeautyBy App from the Apple store

  2. Register your BeautyBy account as you would with any other app.

  3. Start browsing. :) It is so nice and user friendly.

Tips for Browsing & Cool Features

  • For me, I tend to get overwhelmed if I have too many options to look through. So I really like have the this app simplified browsing. Once registered, you default to the main page where you can browse by Skin Concern, Skin Type, Brand, and by Product. For example, I am concerned and interested in products for anti-aging. So I select this and now the app only shows me the products best for anti-aging and saves me time from having to search through the items I don't need or care about. LOVE IT!

  • Another amazing feature of the app, is they have real user video reviews available about the products you can easily view so you can decide if the product is right for you. If you don't want to view the video, it also have all details about the product for you to view as well.

  • In addition to the user video reviews, another super cool feature they have is you can create your own profile, reviews of items, and stories about the products to share with other users. You can follow users and they can follow you as well; it is like a Beauty family/community. :)

  • Lastly, what's better than not having to go into the store to get your awesome skincare products?! It ships quickly and to your front door. I think this is my fave part ;)


Long story short, I totally recommend the BeautyBy app. It makes shopping for skincare easy as well as informative. Plus, all the products available on the app are created and produced without any proven toxic ingredients too. (such as parabens, formaldehyde, etc.) Oh and if you are wondering what I got, I go the Puremay Soft Velvet Cleanser and the Blackhead Silk Finger Ball and LOVE them! Check them out on the app and follow me ;) Cheers and Happy Holidays!!!

Click the the slideshow below to see how this works. So easy!

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