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Bad Hair Day Or Just Want to Mix it Up? Check out these Cute Accessories Via Express

Happy Thursday and Friday Eve! So wanted to take a few minutes to post about some great deals I found on some super cute and fun hair accessories that are a great option for when you feel you are having a bad hair day or just want to mix it up. :) What brought this topic up today of all days?

Well, one, I am always trying to figure out something to do with my hair on the daily and I woke up late this morning and had zero plan for what I was wearing today aka: rushed with day old washed hair...awesome right? Thank goodness for Dry Shampoo too as I say a lot. Second, I just recently got some fun hats, hair clips and neckerchiefs on clearance this week in the mail and wanted to wear ans share them. Third, during my normal browsing of Instagram fashion, style sites and then this recent article from the Zoe Report online called The Fashion Girl's Answer to a Bad Hair Day, I felt totally inspired by my new accessories and wanted to share with you; because it really is the little things and details that make a difference (At least I think, lol). Plus, I tend to have a few bad hair days too and I always feel SOOOOO much better when I add a cute bow or hair pin or whatever to my look. Anyone else? ;)

As you guys have likely already noticed, I shop a lot at Express. So just wanted to share why I shop here and like them so much. They have such cute, quality and trendy finds plus they have great sales! I never get anything there unless it is on major sale; plus they offer free shipping most of the time for over $50. Lastly, another huge factor for me is being able to return something easily; which Express makes FREE and simple. Anyways, check out my hair accessory find from Express lately below. Also, these reviews and opinions are my own and are not sponsored in any way. I wish, but they aren't.

Natasha Set of Four Star Hair Pins - I just got these on sale too and love them! Unfortunately, they are now sold out, but there are so super cute similar options available still. Check them out here. Image is a screenshot via Express website.

Too Glam Rose Print Bandana - This is so cute! It says Too Glam To Give a Damn in metallic gold and just love! This is the one I am wearing in my hair today. :)

Floral Love Bandana - So pretty! Only $12 right now too.

Tassel Trim Neckerchief - Love this and totally can't wait to wear it :) Plus it's still available and on clearance for only $12!

Rose Neckerchief - So cute too! Also only $12 right now.

Champagne Superstar Baseball Hat - AHHHH I am so obsessed with hat! Only $11 right now. Cant wait to wear this hat. Image is a screenshot via the Express website.

Tweed Cap - Love!!!! Still on sale for $14 too.

Green Faux Suede Brim Cap - I got this in Olive green and can't wait to wear it! Only $14 right now too. :)

Check out more fun hair accessories from Express here too.


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