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2018 Trends To Look Out For

Happy Wednesday Day all! Hope everyone is having a great week. Mine has been super busy, which is great, but man I am so ready for the weekend already though. Anyways, I wanted to take a few minutes to share with everyone some of the big trends experts in the fashion world have predicted to see everywhere this year. Not sure about you, but in addition to the idea and opportunity of starting fresh again in January, checking out the up and coming trends for the next year is also something I love to do and look forward to each January. So let’s jump in!!!

Per Popsugar, they have identified 16 trends predicted to be everywhere this year and I am super excited for most of these!

  1. Pop Culture Trend of the Year: Kickass Women – No surprise here, unless you have been living under a rock. For me, this trend has been on its way up starting with Wonder Woman and the upcoming Ocean’s 8 films; in addition to the recent Me Too Campaign and Times Up movements in protest against sexual harassment. Per Popsugar, we are going to see so many badass women on the silver screen in 2018 & I am so excited for this!

  2. 2018 Color of the Year: Lavender - Not too sure how excited I am for this one. Don’t get me wrong, lavender is a gorgeous color, however, it can be tricky for some to pull off (I believe). For example, peeps with my coloring. I am fair skin, with red undertones, and pretty blonde hair color. I have to be careful with this one because similar to last year’s fave millennial pink, it can wash me out. Those darn pastels; I love them but they are not a fan of me, LOL. I do totally love the lavender make up trend though! So hot!!! I will get a spray tan and then try this trend…I think YES!

  3. Drink of the Year: Sparkling Everything – Not going to lie to you, this one is my Favorite!!! I already drink sparkling wine all the time and can’t wait to actually be trendy, lol. Seriously, very excited because I love bubbles (aka carbonation). Check out this interesting option.

  4. Travel Destination of the Year: The Philippines – No complaints from me about this at all. I want to go everywhere, so this sounds perfect. Get more details here.

  5. Beauty Trend of the Year: Water-Infused Products – I am so stoked for this trend too! Last year we saw the trend of micellar water for skin cleansing/make up removal (amazing!!!) and now we are going to see this in hair care – yay!

  6. Look of the Year: The '80s, Modernized – This is another one I am not quite sure I am thrilled about or not. Some of the 80s fashion was super fun, but there was A LOT that wasn’t and you won’t find me rocking. But again, each there own and that’s why I love fashion; something for everyone. I am just really relieved that Popsugar is saying shoulder pads aren’t coming back. I do love a great structured power suit look too and retro active wear is also on my list to try again.

  7. Fitness Focus of the Year: Soul-Care – YES!!! I am so glad this will incorporated into physical health/fitness. Both are imperative I have found. Seriously, if I am mentally distressed, my physical health and energy are impacted significantly! Self-care, mentally and physically, go hand in hand. Check out more via this Popsugar article.

  8. Wedding of the Year: Harry and Meghan – DUH?! Get all the details here.

  9. Antianxiety Product of the Year: CBD – Interesting? Hey I may just have to try it because man anxiety and stress are the worse! Find out some more info here.

  10. Parenting Trend of the Year: Smart Feeding Devices – I am not a parent so I can’t really speak to this one; but sounds good. Check out some handy things here.

  11. Attitude of the Year: Taking Action – LOVE this! I hate all talk and no action. Hope this does continue. This goes not only for political aspects. Everything i feel. For example, I am not making excuses anymore for personal things in my life. Get on it this year and every year.

  12. Healthy Ingredient of the Year: Adaptogens – Never heard this term, but I am already on board and researching more about it. Yay!!! Love learning and trying new healthy things. Hey, Public Health nerd here. ;) Get some more info here.

  13. Accessory of the Year: Oversize Earrings – YES!!!! This is another FAVORITE of mine! I love oversized earrings! I actually never really gave them up ;) So happy to read this. I am for real drooling over all of BaubleBars new oversized/statement earrings!

  14. Home Trend of the Year: Matte Black – I mean really, who doesn’t love black and whatever Joanna Gaines recommends is a go for me. Get inspired here.

  15. Adulting Trend of the Year: Travel as the New Master's Degree – I must say, I totally would recommend this to everyone! Travel while you can and are able health wise as well as financially. The most rewarding experience. I wish I would have traveled more when I was in between undergrad and grad school. OMG and this sounds really amazing and so cool!

  16. Mythical Motif of the Year: Mermaids – Woohoo!!! I have always wanted to be a mermaid! Love this trend! From the makeup to the hair, yes please!!! For real, I am totally trying the new mermaid lashes! So fun! Plus, they have mermaid fitness classes now!?! What! Get more details now. Also, remakes of The Little Mermaid, sign me up to see this. Love it!

So are you surprised or not surprised by this list? What are you most excited for? Feel free to comment or message me to let me know. Also, if there is another trend on the horizon this year please let me know. :)

Happy New Year Again!


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