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2018 Shoe Trends! Plus, Simple Rules & Tips For Wearing Heels Painlessly In the New Year

Happy last Thursday of 2017 everyone!!! I know crazy right?!?! I still don’t know where this year went, but I am looking forward to starting fresh again in 2018. In addition to making my usual resolutions to do better and be a better person along with trying to get my chaotic self-more organized (emotionally and my physical space), one of my favorite things to do is check out what fashion and beauty trends will be coming and going with the new year. As I have mentioned in previous posts I love to try new trends! It is so much fun to me because it’s like playing dress up all the time! Therefore, over the next few days I will be posting and sharing my thoughts with you on the new Fashion trends I hear are coming and leaving in 2018 starting with Shoes.

I don’t know about you, but shoes are one of my favorite things to buy! I love them and have a serious shoe shopping problem. Some have asked me, "how or why do you have so many pairs of black boots/booties?" My reply, "they are all very different; some are embellished, low or high or mid heel, tall, ankle, or knee shaft, patent, leather or waterproof, buckles no buckles, etc." I could go on and on for the major or minor to some differences. ;) Anyways, as I was checking out fashion articles for upcoming trends I decided that the articles below were worth sharing here and discussing in more detail; AKA I liked them. Check them out below:

Let’s begin with the 2018 Shoe Trends, shall we? Per this article and most fashion articles I saw, the upcoming shoe trends include:

  • PVC Details – Now I am not going lie, I kinda love this trend and don’t know why, lol. There is just something about it. At first I was like, “oh I will never wear that.” But now, I am like YES Please! Sign me up ASAP. I am not the biggest fan of the tall boot style, but I love the booties, pumps, and sandals in this trend. You will totally find me trying this shoe trend out soon. I mean most are clear and that goes with everything!

  • Kitten Heels – Can I just say thank goodness for the fabulous kitten heel and this still be on trend!?!? I love kitten heels. I am already 5’8-5’9 so I honestly don’t want to wear a crazy high heel all the time. Plus, kitten heels usually are painless and still cute.

  • Slingback Shoes – I will be honest here, sling backs while they look good and the idea is appealing, you will not catch me wearing them. I love the way they look, however, they are super hard to keep on my feet comfortably. Likely because they don’t fit me correctly, but whatever just not for me; each there own though.

  • Combat Boots – So this is a staple that isn’t ever leaving I think. Again, I am not going to lie, I never really got or saw the appeal of combat boots really until about 3 years ago. Now, I get it! Love them and glad they are here to stay.

  • Cowboy Boots – This is one I just can’t get on board with. For whatever reason cowboy boots are just not for me and honestly I don’t really even like them on other people. That’s the great thing about fashion though, it doesn’t matter what I think, if you love them wear them; that’s what matters.

  • Pretty Pastels – LOVE LOVE LOVE. Especially the faux fur pastels :) Drool!!!! That’s all. On the left are a pair of heels I just got from ASOS & can't wait to wear! (Oh they are 1/2 off now too)

  • Dad Sneakers – This is another trend I will not be trying out ever. Just not for me. But again, if you like it go for it!

  • Strap It Up – YAY!!! So happy this isn’t going anywhere! I love lace-up styles and straps and buckles and embellished anything! You will totally catch me in this trend all the time!

What are you favorite trends on the list or thoughts about them? Feel free to comment or message me because I would love to know.

Now, if you noticed a lot of the shoe trends include heels in all heights. And as most of us know, heels do add a lot to an outfit, I think anyways. I have a love/hate relationship with heels, which I am sure most feel the same. I LOVE the way a heel looks on a shoe and even makes my legs look longer/leaner etc. The hate part comes with the fact that they hurt like hell after a while and can be super hard to walk in sometimes. What’s a fashionista to do?! Suck it up butter cup and come up with hacks to survive while looking fabulous. ;)

Check out this great article for 11 wonderful tips to help you survive when wearing your gorgeous and trendy heels. I’ll tell you this; I have actually tried each of these and must agree they do help A LOT! Especially number 1, 2, 9, and 11.

However, the Most important thing to remember no matter what: don’t sacrifice your health and happiness for anything; even fashion (crazy I know!?!?). Trust me; I have learned that I am a much nicer and happier person to be around when my feet don’t hurt. Also, if you know you are clumsy, like me, it’s not worth the risk of injury. Know your limits and just be yourself.

Lastly, since I have now accepted that I am going to continue to wear heels sometimes, I might as well be aware of the 2018 rules associated with this responsibility. Also, I am one who also wants and needs style inspiration; therefore, I thought I would share this article too: called Simple Rules for a Life Spent in Heels in 2018. Check it out; it’s pretty helpful; and I must say I totally, 100% agree with Rule Number 18: Heels Can Be Jewelry for Your Feet. And who doesn't love jewels and bling?!

Happy Shoe Shopping and Wearing!


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