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  • Rebecca Szmidt

2018 Goal: Appear & Actually Be More Polished With These 5 Tips

Happy Tuesday everyone! With the another year ending and a new one beginning I am sure everyone has been trying to think what changes and resolutions we can make for next year; or maybe not and that is totally cool too. For me, I always consider myself a work in progress and therefore, each year I try to make realistic and reasonable goals for myself in the coming year.

For example, last year my goal was to work on saying no more in my personal and professional life in an attempt to stress less. This may sound like an easy goal to some, but for me it's very hard. I hate to disappoint and say no. Long story short, I have worked very hard and have actually been pretty successful in working toward and meeting this goal. This type goal is going to be continuous, but I am proud of how far I have come, and have been so much happier and less stressed.

So anyways, over the last few weeks I have been thinking of the type of goals I want to make for 2018 and the other day I read this article called Things Polished Women do to Look Perfect All the Time. Now, as have mentioned before, NOTHING and NO ONE is perfect; plus things are usually not as perfect as we stage them to look or appear in pictures online. Keep that in mind please as a disclaimer for this post. I am not striving to be “perfect” or appear that way, however, what I would like is to actually be more put together most of the time rather than always feeling stressed about not being prepared.

Not sure about you, but for me, I feel like I am always running behind and forgetting something or losing/misplacing things, etc. Then in addition to putting me in a bad mood because I am frustrated and stressed, I feel this totally comes off not so great to others, which honestly is not the first impression or impression I want to give off. Let’s be honest too, there are some people in our lives that we really do want them to think we have it all together, right? I could list more than a few for real! Anyone experience this?

Therefore, I took a look at this brief article and thought to myself, “yep, it should be and could be that easy! I can totally do this and want to do this for me!” So that’s what I decided. This is going to be one of my new year’s resolutions/goals for 2018 and life. I want to be more polished which for me also equals more organized which equals less stress and a happier me.

If interested, click here to read this brief article for these 5 tips. I think for me the most difficult will be 1 and 5. Mainly because life tends to happen and disrupt things for me; at least that is what my excuse always is, ha ha. Oh well. I am going to get started on this new goal now. Wish me luck and I will keep you posted.

Oh and as for the 4th suggestion of reapplying your makeup during your day; I have started doing this with just my lip gloss and for whatever reason, I will say I do feel better about things when I feel more put together. Just saying... :)


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